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Client Information

  • Client: Rehan Khan
  • Industry: Concrete Cutting
  • Project Type: Search Engine Optimization

Project summary :

Hello there! We’re excited to share the success story of one of our recent projects in the fascinating world of SEO. Our client, involved in concrete cutting and core cutting, faced tough competition in their niche. They handed us the reins in April 2023, and from there, the journey to digital success began.

Project Kickoff (April 2023): When we started, the playing field was crowded, but we love a good challenge. First things first, we dove into understanding the competition. This involved figuring out what others were doing and how we could do it even better. We also took charge of designing their website from scratch, making it not only visually appealing but also user-friendly.

Content Overhaul and Optimization: One of the key steps we took was revamping the content. No jargon or complicated stuff—just good, straightforward information. We used some smart tricks like entities and NLPs (Natural Language Processing) to make our content stand out. The result? Our content was not just good; it was better than what our competitors had to offer.

Building Authority and Off-Page SEO: With the foundation set, we moved on to building what we call ‘topical authority.’ Simply put, we made our client’s website a trusted source in their field. Off-page SEO, another secret weapon of ours, involved creating connections and links across the web, boosting the site’s credibility.

The Result (6 Months Later): Slowly but surely, the magic started happening. As we continued our efforts, the website began climbing up the Google ladder. Fast forward six months, and guess what? All the main keywords are now proudly sitting at the top spot on Google!

This project wasn’t just about rankings; it was about helping a concrete and core cutting business carve its digital niche. We’re thrilled with the success, and we look forward to more challenges ahead. If you’re ready to take your online presence to new heights, we’re here to help. Let’s make your business the next success story!


Working with Sohail was a game-changer for our business! Their strategic approach and dedication to optimizing our website catapulted our rankings to the top in just six months. We’re beyond pleased with the results and highly recommend their expertise for anyone looking to shine in the digital realm.

Rehan Jhan – CEO Alraihan Rental

Client Details

Abu Dhabi

Service Provided

Search Engine Optimization

Project Timeline

6 Months

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